Live in Espacio Ronda pictures

Some pictures of our last performance in Espacio Ronda. We will soon upload videos, too!

Live Dates

May 15, 2016
Madrid, Spain

Aura Noctis live Espacio Ronda.
19:00 h.
Tickets: 10 ‚ā¨.
Booking (by telephone or email): 91 366 10 41 / 639 819 503 /


May 7, 2016
Almócita, Almería, Spain

Aura Noctis¬†in¬†“La Noche de los Candiles” event, 2016 edition.
Promoters: GH Records, Local government of Almócita



April 30, 2016
Cerceda, Madrid, Spain

Aura Noctis live in Casa de Cultura de Cerceda
Promoter: Local government of El Boalo, Cerceda and Mataelpino


October 2, 2015
Madrid, Spain
Promoters: Aura Noctis

Aura Noctis live in Función Lenguaje



June 11, 2015
Madrid, Spain
Promoters: Aura Noctis

Aura Noctis live in Casa de Valencia

Pics (by Víctor Herrera)



April 24, 2015
Madrid, Spain
Promoters: Aura Noctis, Espacio Ronda

Aura Noctis live in Espacio Ronda

Video Playlist (YouTube)
Audio & digital download (Bandcamp)



Oct 20, 2012
Barcelona, Spain

La Esencia Records

Sophia + Aura Noctis + Peter Bjärgö



May 27, 2012
Leipzig, Germany

Wave Gotik Treffen





July 24, 2011
Rosa Crvx & Aura Noctis

Ritmo y Comp√°s
Promoters: De Profundis

Review in “La letra capital”



May 14, 2011

Aura Noctis live in Valencia

Teatro de los Manantiales
Promoters: GH Records


Live in Espacio Ronda (Madrid) pictures

Some snapshots of our live performance in Espacio Ronda, Madrid, on April, 24, 2015:

Live in Casa de Valencia (Madrid)

Some pictures of our live performance in Casa de Valencia (Madrid), on June, 11, 2015. Pics by Víctor Herrera.

Important news and Aura Noctis playing live again

Recently we’ve been joined by Susana Rico, a professional cellist from Madrid with a background as a performer in the National Spanish Symphonic Orchestra, and Beatriz Tierno, who has been a songwriter for many years and now has taken over the leading vocals. We’ve got a really beautiful sound together with our great oboist Carmen, frame drummer Rub√©n and pianist Olga.
We performed live on April, 24th, in Madrid, playing some new / unreleased compositions along with some old songs with new arrangements. We will soon release a new album, meanwhile you can watch our performance on youtube: