Itineris I released

Our first album “Itineris I” has been released!!


1. Ad occasum tendimus omnes
2. D.e.S.
3. Solitude
4. Progresiva
5. Furor et Luctus
6. Erste Reise
7. Zweite Reise
8. Dritte Reise
9. Breaking Thoughts
10. Fantasía
11. Encontrarte

Available in:
GH Records (shipping included worldwide!)
Twilight Records
Rara Avis
Bandcamp (digital download)


Release date: August 2011.
Olga B.: piano, vocals, composition & arrangements.
Pilar Molina: cello, vocals
Mastered by Kazeria. Released by GH Records. Cover artwork and layout design by Phlegeton Art Studio.

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